Review: Natural Organic baby wipes

Recently I've joined a lucky contest organized by Precious Little Gift last week, and guess what, I was the 78th contestant that are going to receive their free gift. 
I've got a full size of Natural Organic Baby Wipes. FULL SIZE of 100 pieces of wipes. 
Natural Organic products were certified by Korea. The wipes are made of ultra-purified water and organic extract formulation that will keep skin moisture and soft. Wow, what is that ultra-purified water about?
Ultra-purified water / pure water is water that has been purified to a very strict specification. It has to go through 6 step purification and UV sterilisation in order to remove all the impurities. Such a complex process right? 
The materials used are hypoallergenic - which is suitable to use on newborn skin. 

Do you saw the 2 little pop up cap? This specially designed pop up cap allow only 1 sheet is pulled out at one time. Such a genius design! I used to have excessive and continuous sheets pulled out from my curren…

Product Review: Petitfee Placenta Hydrogel Essence Mask | URCOSME.MY

Got a surprise parcel last month. Give it a guess what is that?
Have you heard about Urcosme? I got this mask from company.
Urcosme is actually a beauty online shop that provides 100% authentic Korea and local beauty products. They do provide free shipping and free gift upon signup with them here:-

I got 2 pieces of this Hydro Gel Placenta Essence Mask from This Hydro Gel Placenta Mask is from Petitfee Skincare and it is made from Korea.
This mask is very unique as what I've usually got is the paper mask. This mask is made from gel form (jelly) which gives the skin exceptional hydration. As we also know the placenta is a skin nourishing substance, which also supplies essential nutrients to the skin.

This is how the mask look like when applied on my skin. This semi-transparent mask is a bit hard to manipulate as it comes in a gel form. So, you must really hold and place it on the face - I nearly drop off the mask due to the silkiness. 

Johnson's Baby Lotion and Bath for Little Qin Qin

These are the first 2 products I got from Home Tester. It is Johnson's Baby Bath & Body Lotion. I never brought any Johnson's products for my baby before and this is the first time I use this on her.

👉 It smells good 👉  It does not hurt the eyes. Gentle and baby skin immediately feel smooth too. 👉 Rich in Milk Proteins and Rice Nutrients, Vitamins to complete the skin nourishment.
Johnson's Baby Milk + Rice Bath leave my baby's skin smoother and moisturized. It also helps to protect the skin barrier and does not irritate the baby's skin.

This Johnson's baby lotion has a nice fragrance too and it is easily absorbed without leaving it sticky feeling. Baby skin feels fresh and smooth for a long time after using this too. Johnson's baby products are well-known for their triple caring protection commitment to the customers which are the Safety, Mildness and Effectiveness.
You can easily spot these products in any shopping malls, beauty stores and online …

PSK LED Lip Gloss Review

This may look like an ordinary lip gloss from the outer but surprisingly, it turned out to be a LED lip gloss. What is LED lip gloss? When you twist open the lip gloss, the LED light immediately turn on from the brush. This is so convenient especially when you need to apply your lip gloss in the dark. It comes with a small mirror on the side of the bottle which I no longer need to bring a mirror out when outing.

PSK LED Lip Gloss have 3 colours selection which are the Red, Orange & Pink. Look the colours are so beautiful.

Look the light from the LED is so clear and bright.

The brush is soft and easily glides on my lips. This lip gloss also contains the hydrating formula which helps moisturised lips too. I personally love the fragrance of this lip gloss as it has the natural rice bud essence in it. The colour stays quite long-hour on my lips too.

I'm using shade #03 Pink. The colour is not too bright but shimmering on my lips. It looks so natural with a little glossy looking. I…

Minimize Pores With Mary Kay

I always have the problems of large pores on my both cheeks and rough skin on the foreheads. Acne always popped out around my forehead too which left me scarring. If you are having these problems as I have mentioned above, you have come to the right place for skincare solution.
I am gonna introduce you with Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Refine and Pore Minimizer. This Microdermabrasion Refine is creamy look with rough beads to scrub out the dirt and dead cells from our skin. You will immediately feel skin polished after the wash. This great formulated Microdermabrasion Refine helps to energize skin immediately and nourishes the skin from below through increasing the microcirculation on the skin. This action will brings oxygen to our skin surfaces and stimulate circulation (blood flow) and make skin healthy with a radiant glow.
This Microdermabrasion Refine can remove multiple layers of dead skin from our skin compared to normal scrub. Therefore, when you are using this Microdermabrasion, y…

Pure Beauty CC Cream review.

Hi, this is my first CC Cream review by Pure Beauty. I'm sure Pure Beauty brand is not new to you all and can be easily found in beauty stores such as Watson, Guardian, Sasa and others. Colour Control Cream, or known as CC Cream first appeared in t he market in the year 2010. CC cream claimed to be able to reduce the appearance of skin redness or sallowness or to improve uneven skin tone. Most of the CC cream comes with sun protector too.

Pure Beauty CC Cream has SPF30 PA ++ for sun protection coverage which can prevent skin damage by harmful UVA and UVB. It claims that this CC Cream able to correct uneven skin tone, conceals skin imperfections, whitening, moisturising and refining the skin. What makes Pure Beauty CC cream unique? This cream made from a formula with Pink Flower Capsule and Red Inhibiting-Pearl technologies which helps to manage uneven skin tone and moisturise skin at the same time.

Personally, I feel safe using this cream because it is Paraben free, lanolin free …

DIY Tutu dress for Little Qin Qin 1st birthday

Throwback last September 1st birthday celebration for my little princess in Melaka. I have been thinking to get her tutu dress for her 1st birthday and do around the Facebook fanpage for quotation. To my surprise, the price of a tutu dress starts from hundred!!! Therefore, I started to hunt the Youtube and Pinterest for DIY a tutu dress... Actually, to make a simple tutu dress/skirt is so simple. All you need is the material. I've completed my little princess's tutu dress just in 1 day!!!

This is the tulle roll and there are a variety of colours to choose. Some come with other designs such as extra glitters, stars, love, and so on. It comes in different sizes too. 

Next, you need this crochet or waistband (if you are making tutu skirt). The crochets has different sizes too. You can make this crochets to a cute hairband for matching or as the tutu base.

This is the picture where I just tied up the tulle on the crochet. It is simply easy and fast. I make 2 layer tutu dress wit…