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Review: Natural Organic baby wipes

Recently I've joined a lucky contest organized by Precious Little Gift last week, and guess what, I was the 78th contestant that are going to receive their free gift. 
I've got a full size of Natural Organic Baby Wipes. FULL SIZE of 100 pieces of wipes. 
Natural Organic products were certified by Korea. The wipes are made of ultra-purified water and organic extract formulation that will keep skin moisture and soft. Wow, what is that ultra-purified water about?
Ultra-purified water / pure water is water that has been purified to a very strict specification. It has to go through 6 step purification and UV sterilisation in order to remove all the impurities. Such a complex process right? 
The materials used are hypoallergenic - which is suitable to use on newborn skin. 

Do you saw the 2 little pop up cap? This specially designed pop up cap allow only 1 sheet is pulled out at one time. Such a genius design! I used to have excessive and continuous sheets pulled out from my curren…

Product Review: Petitfee Placenta Hydrogel Essence Mask | URCOSME.MY

Got a surprise parcel last month. Give it a guess what is that?
Have you heard about Urcosme? I got this mask from company.
Urcosme is actually a beauty online shop that provides 100% authentic Korea and local beauty products. They do provide free shipping and free gift upon signup with them here:-

I got 2 pieces of this Hydro Gel Placenta Essence Mask from This Hydro Gel Placenta Mask is from Petitfee Skincare and it is made from Korea.
This mask is very unique as what I've usually got is the paper mask. This mask is made from gel form (jelly) which gives the skin exceptional hydration. As we also know the placenta is a skin nourishing substance, which also supplies essential nutrients to the skin.

This is how the mask look like when applied on my skin. This semi-transparent mask is a bit hard to manipulate as it comes in a gel form. So, you must really hold and place it on the face - I nearly drop off the mask due to the silkiness.